Thursday, 3 November 2011

The SCN Song

On the 1st Nov 120 people gathered in a pub to watch the second Science Show-Off, an evening of acts from Scientists explaining their science in an entertaining manner. Adam Strang told us why chillis taste "hot", and gave us a demonstration as he preceded to eat 5 in increasing "hotness". Suze Kundu made ice cream from custard and liquid nitrogen to explain the different states of matter. And my personal favourite, I'm entirely biased here, was my lab partner Catherine Cox's song on the SCN with a ukelele.

Catherine singing the SCN song (c) Katherine Belessiotis
This was Catherine's debut performance on the ukelele, and from the audience reaction it was a resounding hit.

Catherine's song is all about the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), the master clock in the human brain. The SCN is a brain region that co-ordinates and synchronises all the daily biological rhythms in our body. It has direct connections with the eyes so can be re-set by light, otherwise we would never get over jet-lag!

Here is a video of the performance, sorry we didn't get good enough visual, hopefully you'll enjoy the lyrics! I think the audience did great, especially without any practice!

Thanks Catherine for this amazing contribution to the education and communication of body clocks!! For those of you interested in attending (or presenting) at a Science Show Off event please visit:

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